Woman Strips Naked on Baltimore Bus in Front of Stunned Commuters – (VIDEO)

Bus riders in Baltimore were treated to a shocking scene when a female passenger decide to go naked right in front of everyone in the bus.

The unexpected weird display was captured by one of the commuters who later shared the six-minute recording on his Facebook page.
The footage was recorded on board a Baltimore MTA bus. In the video, the woman was seen pulling off her underwear and exposing her buttocks right in front of surprised passengers. The woman appears unabashed as she leans on a railing, dressed only in a T-shirt, a pair of striped knee socks and neon-colored sneakers.

Other passengers were heard laughing uncontrollably as the woman boldly struts up and down the aisle on the bus. Much of what is being said by the amateur stripper is unintelligible, but at one point she could be heard telling someone on the bus: ‘give me my mother****ing money.’

She then proceeds to remove her shirt and is left standing in a striped pink-and-blue bra, with her hand planted confidently on her hip.

The woman later wore a pair of purple panties back on as she continued to exchange unclear words with other riders. She later collects her belongings and calmly saunters towards the exit. The mystery woman at the center of this x-rated stunt has not been identified.
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