Undercover Boss Surprising Homeless Employee Will Move You To Tears

Angel arrived at her sales associate job at Modell’s Sporting Goods, thinking it was just another day.

When she arrived, Angel was asked to train a new associate, but she was unaware that the new associate was actually Mitchell Modell, the CEO of Modell’s.

Angel was convinced she was being filmed as part of a documentary, but little did she know she was actually being filmed for the CBS show Undercover Boss.

The point of the show is for some of the biggest CEOs in the country to go undercover and see what working for their company is really like. They want to understand how their employees are treated and if they are happy at their jobs.

This was exactly the intent for the CEO of Modell’s acting as a new employee and Angel training him.

As the two got to know each other, it became clear to Mr. Modell that Angel was a very valuable employee. Not only was she knowledgeable about the product but she cared deeply about customer service and about the company as a whole.

This is exactly the type of employee anyone would want, and when Mr. Modell learned Angel was homeless, he was moved to tears.

“We’ve been homeless for a long time. We live in a shelter now,” the single mother says. “It doesn’t matter, though. I don’t want you to feel sad for me.”

Angel had so much fight in her, yet she wasn’t looking for pity or for anyone to feel bad for her.

Mitchell Modell said, “I have never experienced a moment like this. Knowing what she’s going to be going home to, it literally broke my heart.”

“People like Angel deserve better. And I know myself and this company can do better,” he continues.

So Mr. Modell made a decision to help Angel, and when he surprises her, she is brought to the floor with emotion.

Watch this incredibly touching video of how Mr. Modell changed Angel’s life forever:


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