Shocking Truth About Before And After Weight Loss Photos – Video

Many times we have admired the incredible transformations that we have seen on numerous before and after weight loss pictures. Most of these images are real, and their owners deserve respect and should be proud of their achievement, but there are images that are directed and edited for the purpose of marketing campaigns, fitness programs and weight loss systems, and using these images they earned huge popularity.

One of the biggest opponents of this trend is Andrew Dixon, fitness coach, who decided to make a major blow showing how actually achieved the effect of before and after weight loss pictures. To achieve this, he made fake muscle transformation, revealing to us all the tricks.

The proof:

Namely, it is a one hour photo session, which means transformation for 90 days achieved for just 1 hour. Dixon explained that he weighs about 84 kg with 16% subcutaneous fat. He asked his girlfriend to shoot the session.

Then he made a little change in the lighting of the room (to create a massive shadow on the wall), and then finally swallowing the stomach and Voila! The “After” picture looks like a result of a radical transformation.

Dixon made an experiment a few months later, when weighs 90 kg with 19 percent fat, and the effect was identical.

“We spend a lot of time in swallowing the stomach to be just as society wants to look. Don’t waste any more energy to compare with the world. All this is illusion. ” – he said.

Is he right? Apparently yes, if judged by the these videos:


It is up to you now, whether you trust the before and after weight loss pictures, or not.

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