Woman Beats a Man To The Ground After He Gropes Her In Elevator (VIDEO)

He learnt a painful lesson! Lift molester is beaten by woman who slaps him in the face and kicks him in the crotch The incident took place in an elevator in China on the evening on April 24 Footage shows the pervert trying to grope the woman several times She manages to slap the man before kicking him in the crotch The video has been trending on Chinese social media praising the woman

An incredible video has emerged online of a woman getting her own back on a man who tried to molest her in a lift in China.

The footage is believed to be taken from CCTV cameras late at night on April 24.

On China’s social media site Weibo, the video is trending with thousands of views and comments.

In the footage, the woman can be seen looking at her phone in the lift while the man is in a corner.

He tries to get closer to her and she instantly moves away from the man before putting her phone back into her bag.

He then gets close to the woman again, getting right up behind her and putting his arm on her shoulders as if to reach down to her chest.

The woman reacts straight away slapping the man so fiercely that he falls into the corner of the lift.

As he starts to go towards her again, she kicks him right in the crotch before then kicking him in the face.

The pervert then falls to the floor looking as though he’s in severe pain as the elevator doors open and the woman walks out.


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