Argentine Footballer Tragically Dies After Catching Knee To The Head In Freak On-Pitch Accident (VIDEO)

Argentina’s regional league footballer Michael Favre has died after receiving two apparent blows to the head in a match.

Favre was playing for San Jorge against Defensores in the Liga Departamental de Colon when he died on Sunday.

The 24-year-old was dribbling towards the left touchline when he fell. He was caught unintentionally on the face by a rival’s knee. While he was arguing about the knock another player from the opposing outfit ran past and seemed to strike him.

Favre fell to the ground and then did not get up, reported on Monday.While on his way to a nearby hospital, Favre started having seizures and the doctors failed to save his life.

The courts will determine the cause of his death after analyzing video footage and speaking to eyewitnesses.
“The AFA wishes to express its deep sorrow of the death of Micael Favre, Club San Jorge player, which occurred when his team was playing in the Liga Departamental de Colon, at Defensores,” Argentina’s Football Association (AFA) said in a statement.


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