Twitter, Spotify, Github, Etsy, And More Offline Due to Massive DDoS Attack

A widespread cyber-attack was carried out against some of the world’s biggest websites on Friday, with users unable to access Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify and many others for over two hours.


A number of popular sites and services are down right now for many users, including Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify and Shopify. The cause appears to be a sweeping outage of DNS provider Dyn, as a result of a DDOS attack, according to a post on Hacker News.

According to Hacker News, a “Massive Dyn DNS outrage” caused Twitter, Etsy, Github, SoundCloud and Spotify to go down.

No-one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Other sites reportedly affected included Airbnb, Reddit and Vox Media. Users said they had a variety of issues, depending on their location, Tech Crunch reports.

SoundCloud thanked users for their “patience” as the site returned to normal.

The issue has now been located and resolved – thanks a lot for your patience.

— SoundCloud Support (@SCsupport) October 21, 2016
GitHub announced that the issue had been “resolved” and would continue to be monitored.

The upstream DNS incident has been resolved. We continue to monitor our systems while they deliver a backlog of webhook events.

— GitHub Status (@githubstatus) October 21, 2016
DDoS stands for a ‘distributed denial-of-service’ attack where a machine or network source is made unavailable for users by overwhelming the targeted website’s traffic bandwidth.

Sites down this morning: Twitter, Tumblr, NYT, Reddit, PayPAl, WhatsApp, Daily News, CNN, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.
— Bruno (@NovusDeum) October 21, 2016

We’re tracking the outage and will let you know if we discover anything further about outage length, cause or sites affected.

Other sites experiencing issues include Box, Boston Globe, New York Times, Github, Airbnb, Reddit, Freshbooks, Heroku and Vox Media properties. Users accessing these sites might have more or less success depending on where they’re located, as some European and Asian users seem not to be encountering these issues.

Dyn says that the DDOS attack affecting its customers is mostly impacting the U.S. East coast, and specifically Managed DNS customers. Engineers are working on “mitigating” the issue, according the DNS provider.

As of around 9:15 AM ET some of the affected services appear to be improving in reliability. We’ll continue to monitor for updates.

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