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Facebook and other social media can be compared to a prison; you sit around and waste time, write on walls, and get poked by people you don’t know. Are you obsessed with Facebook?
If you are not sure, then listed below are some signs which indicate that you are obsessed with facebook, read on.


1. If you make your profile interesting

If this is what you keep doing, then you are surely obsessed with facebook. If you think about your profile picture and cover picture all day, then it is time for a reality check. People, who are obsessed with Facebook, change their cover picture and profile picture everyday. Are you doing the same thing?

2. If you like your own status

The obsession begins when you start liking your own status and wall posts. Facebook is a social media website, where one can share things with friends. But, liking your own posts makes you appear too addicted and obsessed.
own status

3. If you change your status five to six times a day

Do you change your Facebook status many times a day? Then you are definitely obsessed with facebook. Sharing your life with friends is a different thing and getting obsessed is different, so think about it.

4. If you are desperate for comments and likes

Are you too desperate for comments and likes? If you want maximum comments and likes on your picture or wall post, then you are getting obsessed with Facebook. Take time out and evaluate the situation.

5. If it has a negative impact on work

Facebook can also have a negative impact on your job. If you are facing too much of stress because of Facebook, then think again. It might be affecting your job productivity.

6. If you login after every hour

Do you log-in to your social media account after every one hour? Then you are too obsessed with Facebook. This shows that you just cannot stay without the social site. Many people also tend to stay online the whole day on Facebook.

7. If you become restless

Many people who are addicted to Facebook feel restless, if they cannot login or are unable to access the site for a while. They feel some kind of anxiety. One has to keep a check on this sign, or else this might also lead to depression.

8. If you send random friend requests

If you send random friend requests, then definitely you are obsessed with Facebook. Many people also make fake profiles to stalk or to get a peek at others profile.

9. If you have many profiles

If you have more than one profile, then you are definitely obsessed with Facebook. Evaluate your situation and get out of it.

10. If you have named your pet ‘Facebook’

This is a kind of extended obsession, if you have named your pet or child ‘Facebook’. Then you are too addicted to and obsessed with the site.

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