Facebook considers letting users to make money from posts and videos

For many people this seems like a dream come true. Users of Facebook could soon start earning from posting status updates, photos and videos.

Facebook considering several different ways that users could make money through their platform, including branded content, advertising etc.

One possibility of earning is the “call to action” button, with which users can express their interests and will call their followers to give donations.

Facebook is polling users and gauging reaction to new ways for users to monetize posts, including via the popular tip-jar format prevalent on streaming sites like Twitch and YouNow.

“It is still very early, but we are determined to create sustainable, long-term models for monetization of our partners,” – said the Facebook’s spokesman.

This could be a big step for Facebook, because users publish content overall, and the company keeps all the money.
If they share a part of the wealth with the users, then we can expect increased number of users and time spent on the social network.

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