WATCH: What This PISSED-OFF Texas Mom Said About Hillary Has Liberals FREAKING OUT

Deplorables may be Hillary Clinton’s favorite nickname for Trump’s voters and supporters, but she couldn’t have picked a name that is more incorrect.

A new response has been issued by a Texas mom who is on a mission to save her country. One Texas mom, who is clear patriot, took the time to respond to this Clinton name-calling and gained the attention and support from many other citizens in her shoes.

“Call me anything you want, but I am awake,” she says.

She’s not the only one who is awake. Early numbers show a resurgence in Republican voting and a large contingency of Independents, Moderates, and “deplorable” Democrats who have had enough of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and her slippery, unethical ways.

But the heart of the movement is not what the deplorables are against, but what they are for — what they will fight for. It’s the greatness of this nation. It is truth, justice, and the American way. And it is awake.

“I’ve got a degree from a respected university and an even more important degree in life experience as a wife, mother and entrepreneur. I’ve certainly seen enough to know that Hillary Clinton belongs in jail.” the charged-up patriot said.

Clinton verbally mocks the principles which many of us hold dear. It seems that tolerance only applies where she wants to apply it. Ah, the mind of the Democrat. Well, bring it on.

“Call me deplorable, call me Tea Party, or sexist, homophobic or crazy. Call me ignorant or racist, Islamophobic or dumb. Call me anything you want, but I am awake.” her creed declares. What’s that saying? Oh yeah: don’t mess with Texas.

The Creed crescendos: “I am a deplorable and I am damn proud to be. I value honor, courage and integrity. I’ll fight for freedom, I’ll die for liberty. And if you disagree, you can kiss my ass. I have one King, one Master, and He’s no politician. I work for the steak that is on my plate. My fireworks are massive on the Fourth of July. These are the values I live my life by and I will die for them.”

This is what you call a seminal moment. In the waning hours of this all-important election season this patriotic Texan has sparked yet one more wave of patriotism, encouraging millions of Americans. Her message is clear and concise. Her passion is contagious.

“This creed is spoken from the heart because it’s not just my story, it’s the story of countless Americans.” , said the co-founder of Rowdy Republicans.

The Deplorable’s Creed is a very significant message that needs to be shared and spread so it can continue on.

These elections are more than crucial for the sake of America an if we wish for a strong and capable leader, we have to go with Trump. Simple as that.


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