Vladimir Putin’s Horrifying World War 3 Plans Revealed In Chilling Video

Russia – they’re the ultimate frenemy of the United States. Right now, it doesn’t look like we’re on very good terms. In fact, our relationship status has gone from “it’s complicated” to “it’s World War III” in recent months. Just look at Barack Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin. They have done a pretty horrible job of hiding their disdain for one another.


It seems like the countries’ dysfunctional relationship is getting worse and worse. There’s even been talk of a second Cold War emerging and, God forbid, a third World War. Earlier this month, the country practiced emergency drills for millions of Russian people, supposedly to prepare for an attack.


The same day that the drills commenced, Putin withdrew from a landmark nuclear security agreement that was an important for ending the Cold War in 2000. This doesn’t look great for the Western World, but no one’s quite sure what this has all meant. Finally, we have a better idea of what Russia is up to thanks to some recent words from Putin.
Footage filmed in St. Petersburg shows Putin isn’t happy with America. He explained Russia’s latest sketchy actions to a table of journalists, and said he hopes they will relay his words accurately. Here’s his full speech.


Many are worried that World War III could be underway. Why? Well, a senior military officer has warned Alaska about Russian submarines entering the state, and missiles were recently fired at US warships in the Red Sea. Could this be the start of a new war? Let’s hope not.

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