Unauthorized Footage Proves That The Debate Was 100% Rigged… Watch Closely [VIDEO]

It is one thing to have a biased moderator at a presidential debate, but it is quite another to have a rigged debate.

Now, a disturbing piece of footage has shown exactly what Hillary Clinton and her buddies are capable of. According to some speculations, the video shows an unidentified man greet Clinton and walk her into the building before the debate.

This man was later spotted rushing to gather Clinton’s notes from her podium after the debate. He then went on to hand something to moderator Lester Holt.

Many believe this video suggests Clinton may have had a copy of the debate’s questions before she and Trump went live. Obviously, this would give her a huge advantage over her opponent.

This is not good news for Trump, who has acknowledged since the primaries that the mainstream media is rigged against him.

What do you think of this new evidence?

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