Right After LOSING the Election, Hillary Clinton Just Humiliated Herself in Worst Way Ever!!

Wow, Hillary Clinton is a pretty big embarrassment on her own, but this is LOW even for her…

Can you believe that she refused to give a concession speech last night after losing? Seriously, it was so pitiful. That’s not even the worst part, though! Instead of giving a speech to her followers,

Oh, and it get’s even sadder. Instead of having the nerve to admit she had conceded on her own or even through her Twitter, she let Donald Trump announce it for her at his own Victory Speech!!

hat wasn’t the only embarrassing thing about Hillary’s failure tonight, either.

When she opted out of talking to her supporters, she instead sent John Podesta of all people out to tell them that the election wasn’t over! WTF Hillary?!


So it looks like even with all of her lying polls and rigged votes, nothing could have saved Hillary Clinton from becoming the laughing stock of America.

The only good thing that happened to her tonight is Donald Trump thanking her for her service to the country. In fact, I think she owes him a THANK YOU for being so cordial despite her nasty lies and criminal past.

Every American needs to know that Hillary Clinton’s reign is FINALLY over, and that’s why I need you guys to help me out by sharing this EVERYWHERE!!

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