After NV Debate, Hillary Was Asked This Question… IMMEDIATELY Ends Press Conference! (VIDEO)

Project Veritas and James O’Keefe are now the Democrat’s worst nightmare. He proved Democrats are rigging elections and encouraging extreme violence at Donald J. Trump’s massive rallies.

But the media is so biased that they never thought to ask Hillary about it, even though they fly with her on an airplane.

But that just changed! Watch (below) what happened, and you will see just how Hillary doesn’t want to mention the corruption that O’Keefe exposed.

At the 2:39 point, you will see Hillary become incredibly embarrassed!

Watch the dramatic video (below):

Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to talk about it. But actual progressive activists have lost their jobs, and that’s after hundreds of visits to the White House for official, private meetings.

These scandals destroy the liberal narrative of what liberals are all about. They have created an image about Trump too, and have paid people to commit violence. Hillary clearly knew about it, but has no answer. That’s why the press conference was ended so abruptly!

What do you think about Hillary ending this press conference?

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