The Numbers DON’T LIE, Unlike The Media! THIS Poll Puts The GOOD GUYS…

Hillary may believe she’s winning the elections, but tomorrow won’t be her Big Day. If she ever thought that she’ll be the next President of USA, the polls say something completely different, and we strongly support this. Honestly, Hillary never had the chance to do something about this.

The media also announced that Hillary is going in the White House, but it’s just a bunch of lying mammals. We know that America can’t trust the lamestream media. We never did. The polls have the truth, and that’s what counts.

Via Patriot Journal:

Much to the dismay of our political counterparts and the heavily left-leaning media, Election 2016 is not over.

Every day, while the news sugarcoats Hillary’s criminal activity and reports dem-infused poll numbers, they are missing the real story – that people like, want and are voting Trump. And, if they dig far enough, the media will find the proof to back that story up.

The lead may not be huge, but it’s there and means something to those who are praying their damnedest to not allow Obama, essentially, to have a 12-year term. Even on the heels of the media’s celebration that Comey still isn’t indicting Clinton.

With one day to go, Donald Trump extended his lead over Hillary Clinton, 43% to 41%, according to the latest IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll. That comes after a third bombshell from FBI Director James Comey, who announced Sunday he would not indict Clinton for her email scandal.


Trump’s two-point lead now matches his largest so far during the 20 days of polling.

…The unrounded poll numbers give Trump a 2.4 percentage point advantage over Clinton in the four-way race, 43.1% to 40.7%. Trump and Clinton had essentially been deadlocked for four days through Friday, but Trump moved into the lead Saturday and widened it on Sunday on a steady drumbeat of news surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails.

BREAKING: New Polls Indicate END Of Hillary’s Run…Trump RUNNING AWAY With Key BLUE States!

Let’s support Trump, people. Share this, so that everyone knows the truth. Hillary is far behind Trump, and that’s the outcome we were hoping for. Don’t trust the media. They always lie. For money.

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