Man Who Accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of Sexual Abuse Found Dead in Motel Room

The man who accused former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray last year of sexually abusing him was found dead Friday, KIRO Radio reports citing multiple sources.

Delvonn Heckard, 46, was found dead at an Auburn motel on Friday morning, KIRO reports. Auburn police responded to reports of the death at the Auburn Motel on Auburn Way. After they arrived, they noticed a fire that damaged three rooms and forced the motel’s evacuation.

“There was a certain point that I wasn’t shocked. But I was very sad. As a matter of carrying his message and know who I thought him to be, I can say a hero passed away,” attorney Lincoln Beauregard, who represented Heckard in his case against Murray, said to KING-TV.

The lawyer tweeted Friday, “A hero died today.”

Authorities have not yet announced the cause of death.

Heckard sued Murray in 2017, accusing the mayor of raping and molesting him and paying him for sex multiple times in the 1980s.

Heckard’s allegation was the first of several against the Mayor. Murray’s cousin also made similar allegations.

Murray denied and continues to deny the claims and Heckard withdrew the lawsuit saying he would refile it when Murray left office. KIRO reported Heckard wanted to complete drug addiction treatment before making court appearances.

Murray stepped down in September and Heckard refiled the lawsuit. Heckard settled with the City of Seattle for $150,000 and agreed to drop the lawsuit against Murray.