FBI Leak Proves Obama LIED to Cover Up THIS Crime, TIME TO RESIGN!!

I have proven Barack Obama to be liar on multiple occasions, and as bad as those lies have been, the most recently unveiled one could be enough to destroy whatever legacy liberals think he has and end Hillary’s campaign.

In March, President Barack Obama did an interview with CBS News where when asked about Hillary’s private email server, he stated, “The same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

But we now know he used a pseudonym to communicate with Hillary Clinton on that very server, via Politico.com.

You should note that he also stated the policy of his administration is “transparency.”

The latest release of FBI documents concerning its interviews reveal that Huma Abedin, during her interview, was informed there were communications between Hillary and the President where he was using the fake identity.

When she was informed the person on the other end of the email was actually the President, her response was, “How is that not classified?”

Yes, Huma, that is something we would like to know as well.

The more evidence that comes to light, the more it looks like Obama has been running his own shadow government within his presidential administration.

As this information comes to light, it is time for the American people to not wonder what other lies he has told us, but what truths have actually come from this administration.

I have said this before, but it is worth repeating…

Obama ran on a platform of change, but nobody seemed to realize that his radical background foretold that change to be a fundamental change in the United States towards socialism.

Our government is coming dangerously close to a modernized communist state where the government is no longer responsible to the people.

How else can you explain the lies the President had told the people without being held accountable?

He should have been impeached a dozen times over, yet he still gets to stand at the podium with the Presidential seal.

How else can you explain Hillary’s dozens of scandals and pay-to-play Secretary of State days without repercussions?

We are less than four years away from going to leaders rather than representatives… and that is a place I do not wish to see.

Some of you may say but I though the President was our leader? To that I say, no, a leader dictates policy and tells us what to do. Representatives answer to the people they represent and put the will of the many in place.

So, ask yourself, do you want to be led or represented?

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