‪Final Presidential Debate: Yes, Bigly Is a Word, According to the Dictionary

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled it out in the final presidential debate on Wednesday night and as usual, the GOP nominee made waves, this time for using a word that is now sweeping the nation: “Bigly.”

“We’re going to speed up the process, bigly,” Trump said when referring to immigration. We Think.

It caused mass confusion on Twitter as voters wondered if he said “bigly” or “big league.” The “bigly” versus “big league” debate is old, but if he said “bigly,” we now have confirmation that it’s an actual word. You be the judge:

Dictionary.com chimed in, verifying that “bigly” is an actual word. However comedian Bill Maher disagrees, tweeting, “Is ‘bigly’ a word? No, its not. That should be disqualifying itself!”

We’re going to believe Dictionary.com on this one, but the word will continue to get mocked and will probably have a mention on “Saturday Night Live” soon, especially as at one point, 64 percent of people on Dictionary.com were looking it up.

The website says “bigly” is a adverb meaning “biggish.” It lists synonyms as huge, immense, bulky, capacious, voluminous and extensive. Who knew?

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