Face to Face with Hurricane Matthew: Pilot flies towards Hurricane with 150mph (VIDEO)

With 150mph Hurricane Matthew tonight hurtling towards Florida, most residents are fleeing the area.
But as this astonishing footage shows, rather than flying away from the devastating storm, one pilot decided to fly straight towards it.

The Flight Radar footage – which shows live footage of planes making their journeys – captured this pilot flying off Miami. Other planes can be seen grounded on land with pilots steering clear of the storm. However, this pilot decided he would go and get a personal up-close look of the terrifying hurricane.
Two million Americans have been told to leave Florida tonight after being told Hurricane Matthew “is going to kill people”.

As 150mph winds headed for Miami, the storm was upgraded from Category Three to the second-highest Category Four – an official forecast of “catastrophic damage”.
Matthew has already swept across the Caribbean leaving at least 136 dead in Haiti.

Governor Rick Scott tonight warned: “You need to leave. Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate.”

He added: “Unfortunately, this is going to kill people.”

He warned that entire neighbourhoods face being completely destroyed.

Fears are rising for 50,000 Florida holiday Brits as Disney closed a theme park and relocated guests.

Cities throughout the south-east US have declared emergencies and ordered residents to move at least 100 miles inshore.

The National Guard was called out to aid the evacuation.

Roads were jammed and panic buyers left stores and garages dangerously low on food and fuel.

Police shot a driver dead in South Car­­olina after he knocked down cones at a checkpoint, sped off and then pulled a gun.

As the most powerful storm in 14 years approached, Florida Governor Rick Scott starkly warned: “Everyone must prepare now for a direct hit.


“People have less than 24 hours to evacuate. Having a plan could mean the difference between life and death.”

Hurricane Matthew was expected to strike Florida overnight before sweeping into Georgia and South and North Carolina.

Disney World is to close for the first time in 11 years as Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida.

The storm has claimed the lives of 140 people as officials upgrade it to Category 4 level.

A total of 136 people are now dead in Haiti with the storm now hitting 140mph as it approaches the US.

President Obama has today also declared a state of emergency across Florida.

In a statement tonight, Disney World said “theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, Disney’s miniature golf course and ESPN Wild World Sports Complex will be closed by 5pm today and will remain closed through Friday, October 7th.”

As reported by CNN, Sea World Orlando also said it will close at 2 pm today and remain closed tomorrow.

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