Emirates plane crashes with 275 people at Dubai International Airport- (VIDEO)

This is the terrifying moment an Emirates plane with 275 people on board crash landed on the runway at Dubai International Airport.

The plane flying from India to Dubai was engulfed in flames after making an emergency landing at the airport today.

Independent reports have claimed that the plane was forced to land without its landing gear and the pilot had made an emergency call.

The footage shows the plane slumped on the runway, with one of its engines completely detached.

Shortly after it came to a halt, a huge explosion rocked the tarmac. It is suspected it was caused by a spark igniting the aircraft’s fuel.

Emirates Airline confirmed the flight EK251 from Thiruvananthapuram to Dubai had been involved in an accident at Dubai International Airport but there had been no fatalities.

They tweeted: “Emirates can confirm that there were 282 passengers and 18 crew on board.

“We are extending full co-operation to authorities & emergency services managing the situation.


“We can confirm that there are no fatalities among our passengers and crew. All passengers and crew are accounted for and safe.

“The main priority remains with those involved and offering support to concerned family and friends.”
“Emirates Crew and emergency teams at Dubai Airport are well trained to deal with such incidents at the highest professional standards.”

Flights from Heathrow to Dubai have been suspended while the incident is being dealt with.

The fire was full extinguished around 12pm and security crews remain on the scene.

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