Tea For Stronger Erection (Recipe)

Many men have problems with potency, and that he can be very uncomfortable. But for every problem, there is a solution, and after this you will have much stronger erection.

A man from Belgrade told his story for his problem, which accidentally discovered the drug and decided to share it with everyone else.

This is his confession:

“I went for consultation for sore lower back, but also for a long time I have a problem with achieving erections, but no one knew anything about it. Several girls left me in the last year because we don’t had regular sex.”

The man examined me with the help of its bioenergy. Everything seemed suspicious. But then he asked me something that I froze. He was like a psychic, he asked me how long I haven’t had sex. Specifically. I did not have anything other than to tell the whole truth.

He explained that back pain and erectile dysfunction are related. But there is a cure for everything.

He told me the recipe and as soon as I returned home I try it. A miracle happened, the same day I achieve an erection stronger than ever before.
Since then I repeatedly drink this miraculous cure.

This is the recipe:

Tea potency:

Mix an equal amount of Chubrica, basil and nettle in a jar. Take a full tablespoon of this mixture and put in 3dl boiling water, add a little pepper and cinnamon and leave it for 15 minutes. Consume it three times a day, 1 dl before a meal.

Mixture for potency:

In a jar of honey grate fresh root ginger, add one teaspoon dried rosemary and three full tablespoons of crushed walnuts. Leave it at room temperature for several days and consume one tablespoon at morning and evening. In short period you will notice thatyou have much stronger erection.

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