These 8 Mistakes Will Slowly And For Sure Ruin Your Relationship Or Marriage!!! Be Careful!

Nowadays, we live in modern times in which the percentage of successful and happy relationships is lower than that of divorced and unhappy marriages.

It is more than obvious that the marriages simply lost their credibility. The young generations consider it much more difficult to stay together with their partner than any time in the history.

However, what is really essential for long and happy life for every person is good marriage. It is important for both sides to understand each other.


1. Expecting your partner to change because of you

One thing is clear, nobody is perfect. When you are expecting from your partner to change because of you, according to your wishes and desires, then this may cause you a huge problem in your relationship.

Even if one of the partner promises to change just because of love, it does not mean that he or she will change as you imagined. The best thing will be to accept your partner as how he/she is, unless this is some serious and bad habit.

2. Always having to win an argument

People often fight with each other, in order to prove they are right, which most of the time is their ego trying to dominate. If you are sometimes in such situation, it will be far better to present your point of view, and come up with a solution, in order to solve the problem.

3. Allowing a third person to interfere

This is one of the most common mistakes that the modern couples of today do. When there is a third person interfering, usually he/she makes the things even worse. You can never know with certainty if this person is mature enough to solve your problems. The best thing for you and your partner will be to solve this problem on your own. This point actually comes with the exception of marriage counseling.

4. Neglecting the emotional and physical needs of your partner

When one of the partner neglects the feelings of the other partner, it means that he or she may look for somebody else to fulfill them. But, no matter what is happening with you at that moment, you should not forget to let your partner know that you still love them.

5. Disrespecting differences

There are no two same persons in the whole world, everybody is different. We are all actually a little bit different in some way. That is simply our nature. It is important to respect the differences which are between you and your partner. This is something vital for long and healthy relationship.

6. Not accepting fault

When your ego is strong, it will be hard for you to accept fault. However, when you let someone to know that you are sorry, won’t hurt you at all. This may also happen even if you are not wrong, but you still offer your sincerest apology. You should never let your ego to destroy your love.

7. Lack of communication

Whether there is some small, or even big in the relationship, the most important thing will be maintaining communication. There are a lot of relationships which suffer only because of lack of communication between partners.

8. Differences in opinion

One very important thing in one relationship is respecting your partner’s opinion. For example, one of the partners may want to create a family as soon as possible, while the other may need some time to prepare for this type of responsibility. The best thing will be to make a wise consensus from the both sides and to enjoy in a great and happy family.