10 Sentences That Will Make Him Crazy About You

In this article you will find out what are the ten sentences that will have some influence at every man and make them even crazier for you.

I miss you.

If you and your loved one have not seen each other in a while, this sentence will remind him of what you two share but also will remind him to that gentle and feminine side in which you openly show your love. Men who love their partner believe that this sentence is sexy.

Tonight’s your turn.

Giving and receiving are an integral part of everyday stable and equal relationships, and of course everyone wants to be satisfying. In the sexual sense for many men this is on top of libido. Just try it and you’ll see for yourself.

I have a surprise for you at home.

With this phrase you will shake his sexual thoughts in his brain and the foreplay will begin even before he arrives at you

I need you.

The desire and need are basic human instincts in love relations that create intimacy and connection. With this statement you will also specify how much he means to you emotionally and the sex will be even more passionate.

Bring a bottle of wine with you.

With this message you will give a clear statement that you want to enjoy in the night. The food and drinks often are associated with sex and good wine is known aphrodisiac!

Thank you.

A little gratitude, will give him knowledge about your appreciation. Besides, it will remind him that you are a team in the bedroom (where you can demonstrate your appreciation), but also abroad.

10 Sentences That Will Make Him Crazy About You

You smelled excellent this morning.

It sounds too simple, but still horny. With this statement you will give him knowledge that you notice him but also he’ll be reminded about the desire for him and there is no better aphrodisiac than that.

Constantly thinking about that time when we…

Reminding him of some specific scenes can be interesting in lot of ways. At first it reveals that you consider him a great lover, and moreover, that you are excited when you think of that time. This kind of directness is quite desirable from time to time.

Another man is attracted by me.

Although is not so good to play with such a statements, occasional injection of jealousy can do wonders for the libido of men. The fact that other man finds you attractive and the indication of the potential competition will easily light some sparks.

I look sexy in this don’t you think that?

It’s better to use this sentence with a picture send from your phone. Confident is one of the most attractive traits in a relationship, and just because you know you’re sexy in it will awake the desire in him also.