For Shiny Hair Put This Ingredient In Your Shampoo

According to dermatologists in order to have a beautiful hair with shine and also a beautiful hairstyle it is desirable to put some sugar in the shampoo you use. Of course, there are reasons why this is so.

Although it is known that the sugar is very bad for the body and its use should be minimized, the experts for care and beauty give us the advice to use this product in our care. The dermatologists say that adding a little bit of sugar in the shampoo represents one of the best tricks for beauty and health of the hair. All you have to do is to put one teaspoon of sugar in the bottle with the shampoo, which will aim to make a mild peeling for your hair.

Using this trick will help you remove the dead cells from the hair and abominations. This little trick with sugar does not only help with the dead cells, but also helps the conditioner to go through your hair even easier, so your hair will be softer and hydrated. Also, hair grows faster when you take care of her with this mixture.