Quit Smoking Tips That Actually Work

For those that don’t smoke the statement “Quitting smoking is easier said than done” may be difficult to understand. But for those who smoke, they know it’s not simple but possible.

The greatest reward for quitting smoking is your health and health of your family.

If you want to quit smoking you need a plan, you can’t just throw your cigarettes in the trash. Three words is very important to you:

• Delay
• Avoid
• Replace
Delay smoking your cigarette

Every time you feel an urge, find something else to do, and your urges will come less frequently.
Avoid cigarettes

• For the first, smoke your first cigarette later than usual.
• Eliminate a cigarette break.
• Each day smoke a few less cigarettes.
• If other offer you cigarettes, say no.
• For woman. Schedule your quit date after your monthly period, when the withdrawal symptoms will be less severe.
Replace cigarettes with something else

Find activities that you enjoy and that will allow you to have fun (such as reading, movies, singing, etc.). Keep your mouth and hands busy by holding a pen instead of cigarette, chewing gum, straw or cinnamon stick. And at last but not least, positive thinking and reward. Reward yourself with the money you save.

Alternative therapies to help you quit smoking

• Hypnosis
• Acupuncture
• Behavioral therapy
• Motivational therapies