The Number Of People With A Contort Neck From Sitting Significantly Increases: This Exercise Will Return The Holding Of Neck In Natural Position (VIDEO)

There is almost no human in the world who holds rightly its upright neck. The pain in the neck, stiff neck and symptoms of one of the most common pains.

The muscles which are there can be stretched due to poor posture of neck during long work on the computer, long improperly sit, whitewash of celling and other serious activities in bent position.

In elder people, the neck can be contorted so much to the point where keeping their heads straight will become very painful.

Therefore due to it, it is necessary for you to do these exercises daily.

Dr. Paul Moore, who is also chiropractor in his videos explains reasons and consequences contorting the neck and what is most important he gives practical advises about what you should do.

We are introducing to you the most important exercise for returning the neck in normal position.

All you have to do is one simple movement but you need to pay attention to all the details. Get up straight but relaxed, in natural position.
Then, do the next movement – lift your head up, pull the chin towards you, towards your chest, the neck and head move them a little more backwards so that your ears will come in straight position with your shoulders, same as the picture from Dr. Moore.

In the following video, you can see how the footage looks from the neck which stands correctly, actually the natural position of the vertebrae.


And in this video the position of the neck when is lowered can be seen, in incorrectly position.