Eat some Cherries instead of Aspirin

Even from the beginning, people new that cherries are not only tasty, but also healthy. They contain antioxidants which, according to research, have a very positive effect on bone diseases, heart diseases, and pain relief. They are good for our bones because of the high level of magnesium and calcium in them, and to achieve the effect of aspirin you will have to eat 20 cherries, which means, one aspirin equals 20 cherries.

Cherries are good for dieting too, because they contain a large percentage of water and are low in calories. If you feel weak and you have problems with your blood, eat cherries, they are rich with fiber, vitamins and minerals and will help you increase your energy and purify your blood.

The stem of cherries is also good for you and have medicinal benefits. You can use them to make tea, which will help get through your kidney problems. It is easy to prepare and you need to drink it in small sips through the day. In a bowl with boiling water add a handful of stems and let it boil for two minutes. After it is done, wait for 15 minutes and then strain the tea.
Eat some Cherries instead of Aspirin

In Japan the cherry blossoms symbolizing happiness and are regarded as national flower. The tradition is called hanami. It is very important event for the Japanese and the event happens in April.

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