Easy Homemade Snoring Remedies That Work

Snoring is unpleasant phenomenon that disturb your partner and it is also a serious health problem and harms your dream. About 45% of people regularly snoring and 25% occasionally.

This problem is more common in men and usually worsens with age. Do you snore loud and your family complain about that? Do not worry, this is a common problem that probably already have the drug at home.

To prevent snoring first need to find the cause. Fortunately you can make lifestyle changes and natural remedies that will help you stop snoring.

Here are a few simple tricks that can quickly and efficiently solve this problem.

Olive oil

Drink 1 teaspoon olive oil before bed. This will grease the tissue that prevents the flow of air. With this tissue will be wetter and will not cause unpleasant sounds.


All you need is a few pieces of fresh ginger, a cup of water and a few teaspoons of honey. Wash and chop the ginger, place in bowl and add boiling water. Cook 3-4 minutes, remove from the fire and cover it for 5 minutes.

Then add honey, mix well and drink it. This drink can be consumed 3-4 times a day.

Nettle tea

For this recipe all you need is a teaspoon of dry nettle and glass of warm water. Pour the herb over the boiling water, cover the bowl and leave it for 5 minutes. Drink the tea immediately. You should drink this tea 3 times a day.


Sage is an herb that has anti-inflammatory properties. This herb may completely save you from snoring!
Take a several leaves of sage, and a few teaspoons of malic acid. Boil the water, put the leaves and vinegar in the water, cover your head with a towel and make inhalation.


Strong, aromatic foods like garlic can help prevent snoring by drying out your nose, reducing congestion. Some claim that these foods also reduce swelling in your tonsils, preventing sleep apnea.