Clavus – Simple Ways to Get Rid of it

What is Clavus?

This is the time of year when every protrusion and anomaly on our feet comes to the fore, and you feel very uncomfortable and painful. Clavus as known as “corn” is thickening of the skin that usually occurs on the feet. There are many ways of removing clavus, but today we will present the most simple ways to get rid of clavus.



Houseleek is a perennial herb that can grow up to 30 centimeters. It is resistant to drought, because the interior of its leaves filled with water reserves. This plant can grow almost everywhere, in different soil types, and sometimes even grow on the roofs of houses.
Clavus - Simple Ways to Get Rid of it
All you need for this remedy is houseleek and plaster.

Take a leaf from the houseleek and remove his thin skin on one side. Then, place the leaf on the place where the clavus occurred.

Next, you need to stick the plaster on the leaf, and leave it all day without taking off. At the evening, replace the lining with an new one. This remedy is most effective overnight, because when you sleep, your legs are free, without shoes.

You will notice reduction of pain in the first day, and the clavus will fully disappear within a few days.

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Using a Pumice stone

When we say “pumice”, that usually mean little pieces of hewn blast furnace slag or else carefully planed bars foamed concrete. Before the invention of soap it served as the main tool for scrubbing dirt from the human body.

Clavus - Simple Ways to Get Rid of it

You can use the pumice stone or foot pile to rub your calluses, and get rid of them completely.

First, you need to soak your feet in warm watter for 10-15 minutes.

Then, rub your feet in circular motion. If there is some heavy buildup, you will need to rinse your feets back into the water. It is very important to rinse the pumice stone too, and make sure that it’s wet all the time. This will reduce the possibility of pain during the rubbing.

You should repeat this until the skin turns pink. Then you can coat it with olive oil to get back the softness of your skin.

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