Your Baby Care Products Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals – Be Careful

The trust of many parents in products used for daily care of babies and children once again been dramatically shaken after recent news reported that cancer causing chemicals were found in children’s shampoos. This raises the question, how much damage those cosmetics can make and which of them are carcinogenic. To avoid these products, you must remember the following:

Read the product declaration!!!

It’s your obligation to know what is the content of the baby care products you use. These are some of the cancer causing chemicals found in daily care products:


The most common dangerous chemical is the formaldehyde. It is used in the production of many synthetic products for hair, body and skin care. However, this chemical is not stated on the declarations as formaldehyde, but as formalin etc.


This chemical is often referred to as the hidden killer of human body. It’s scientifically proven that dioxin is cancerogenic, and it affect the reproduction and immunity, because it directly reduces the number of “defence” cells. Studies have shown that ongoing low-level exposure can result in heart disease, diabetes, cancer, endometriosis, early menopause and reduced testosterone and thyroid hormones. You will not see this chemical name on an ingredient listing. It is often contained in antibacterial ingredients such as triclosan and emulsifiers.

Mineral oils

Mineral oils, as known as Baby oils are an inevitable ingredient in children’s cosmetics and baby care products. These are products that penetrate the body and then they accumulate in the lymph nodes and liver and cause problems such as allergic reactions.

Mineral oil is difficult to absorb and it clogs the pores, which slows the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. You need to know that baby oil it’s not doing anything for baby’s skin. It’s not infusing it with nutrients, and it’s not providing hydration that actually goes into the skin where it counts.


Alternative baby care

Base oils such as almond and sesame oil are excellent for baby’s and children’s care. They are naturally rich in vitamin E and vitamin D, which keeps the skin healthy and supple. These oils can be used during both winter and summer, and they are very gentle so they suits baby’s gentle skin.