Anticancer Combination – Turmeric and Zeolite

Both of these superfoods show anticancer features, but in combination they are very powerful antioxidants which solves the free radicals in the body, heavy metals and other toxins accumulated. Here’s why this pair to be part of your morning smoothie.


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In our daily modern life we come to contact and unintentionally ingest or inhale too much chemicals, that is unfortunately impossible to avoid. Some of them may not be harmful, some less, but some of them can be a real threat to health. Fortunately nature has produced liver as a powerful detoxifier that helps the body to dispose of all harmful substances. Because we live in a polluted environment where compensatory mechanisms of the liver is easily overcome, often comes to higher oxidative stress in the body. As a consequence of that stress can occur a number of diseases, including those with malignant character.

Anticancer combination- turmeric and zeolite

That’s why it is recommended zeolite. Natural zeolites are volcanic minerals formed based on aluminum and silicon oxides. They have long been used in medicine to treat diarrhea, fungal diseases and as antibacterial agents, and recently attracted great interest in their antioxidant capability. The zeolite consumed daily reduces the harmful effects of smoking and additionally it eliminates heavy metals from the body thanks to its ability to cure.

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Turmeric again, or etc. golden spice, repeatedly proved that it has anticancer capacity and selectively destroys tumor cells. It is a plant with rhizomes, much like ginger, intense yellow color known in traditional Chinese medicine centuries ago. It is an integral part of curry, so you can use in different recipes. The combination of the two superfoods turmeric and zeolite is an excellent base for reducing the harmful effects of oxidative stress, but also a preventive food for all those diseases, that occur as a consequence.

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