Breast Milk is Irreplaceable Food for Premature Babies

Even before the baby is born, the mother’s body is preparing to product milk. The skin over the breast becomes more elastic and the nipples and areola become darker.

In the area of the areola are developed sebaceous glands that secrete fatty substances to protect against infection and also give softness. Therefore it’s not necessary to use disinfectants.

Washing with pure water once a day is enough, because it’s very important to not destroy the protective layer. During pregnancy breasts increase its capacity because of the development of the glandular tissue responsible for making milk.

The hormones during pregnancy stimulate the glands to secrete milk. The whole process starts in the brain where two special hormones are secreted: prolactin (responsible for creating milk) and oxytocin (responsible for the secretion of breast milk).

Breast milk

The prolactin stimulates milk glands in the breasts, and that milk is collected in the expansion of the canaliculi, where it retains until the baby starts to suck.

Then, the nipple stimulation leads to release of oxytocin, which opens the channels and allows swelling of milk.

At the beginning of the lactation, the stored milk is released into canals, which is low in fat but rich in protein, lactose and other nutrients.
Mother-baby contact and release of oxytocin is called “oxyitocin’s reflex.” That reflex is very important for ensuring the normal process of breastfeeding. Self-esteem, positive emotions of the mother to the baby, the contact with the baby act stimulating for the development of this reflex. Hunger, care, stress, pain, inhibit it.

Good to know

Breast size does not affect the process of breastfeeding. Whether the mother has small or large breasts, she can breastfeed her baby. The size of the breast is determined by the presence of adipose tissue and not from the glandular tissue.

During lactation the body uses nutritional elements necessary for production of milk from the mother’s body. To preserve the mother’s health, it requires its regular diet.

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