FastPokeMap: Everyone’s favorite ‘Pokemon Go’ map tracker is finally back online

Earlier this month, the developers behind the FastPokeMap map tracker for Pokemon Go announced that it would come back online by Friday the 14th or Saturday the 15th. That deadline came and went, but last night, after weeks of anticipation, the site’s Twitter account confirmed FastPokeMap was back.

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If you’ve never used FastPokeMap, it’s exceptionally easy: Just head to in your browser, tap an area near your current location and wait for the service to scan in a 70 meter radius around the point of request.

The developers are still working to smooth things out, so your scans are probably going to fail more often than not if you’re trying to use the service around the time this article went live on BGR. That said, the site’s Twitter account claims that FastPokeMap will be “100% operational” at some point on Monday.

Here’s what the developers have to say:

And if you hate reading maps or are unfamiliar with the area you’re scanning, you can now click (or tap, if you’re on a mobile device) the Pokemon you want to pursue and FastPokeMap will automatically redirect you to Google Maps, where a route will appear that you can follow to reach the creature.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to jump back into Pokemon Go, this might be it.

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