Britney Spears Recording Leak! Listen To ‘Toxic’ WITHOUT Auto-Tune

The pop star has been the subject of numerous lip-sync scandals.

A recording of Britney Spears’ song Toxic without her usual auto-tune has leaked — and it’s not bad!

The pop diva hits all the high notes in the audio, and even adds her own signature flair.

As readers know, the mother of two has faced a series of lip sync scandals in her concert performances.

On one occasion in 2014, the singer’s microphone had a malfunction, and yet her vocals suspiciously remained unaffected.

Radar even revealed a video in which the Circus star actually forgot to sing into the microphone during a Vegas show!

After accusations were made, Britney’s manager Adam Leber, confirmed the rumors in an interview with

He went on to explain that Spears needed vocal help during her many dance-heavy numbers.