15 Strange Japanese Products You Can Actually Buy


15. This Xenon LED Light USB Recharging Cable


For when you need the satisfaction of seeing electricity charging your phone.

14. Skelt Up Shoes


Tone your twigs with these babies.

13. Octopus Sucker Massager


After a good “work out” with your Skelt Up Shoes, why not hit it up with the Octopus Sucker Massager.

12. Air Mask Relaxation


Would be great combo with the Octopus Sucker Massager.

11. Lipstick Phone Charger


Ladies, for when you need to disguise your phone charger.

10. Mistick Ultrasonic USB Humidifier


This will solve all of your dry air problems.

9. Cotton Wife and Husband Hug Pillows


Third wheeler? No Problem.

8. Super Gorone Desk


For either the workaholic or couch potato.

7. Influenza Saver Ultraviolet steriliser


Viruses? Say no more.

6. Bruno Bucket Heater Fan


For wherever you need the heat!

5. Shouting Vase


The literal meaning of bottling up your emotions.

4. Muji toilet Paper Roll Air Freshener


The ultimate disguise for a disguiser.

3. Eucalyptus Aroma Anti – Mosquito Shoelace


Because nobody likes mosquito bitten feet!

2. Binchotan Charcoal Tooth Brushes


Brighter and whiter teeth in no time!

1. Facebank from Banipresto


Would you really want your money back after this has eaten it? At least you’ll be saving!
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