Unique heart for Valentine’s Day

As the Valentine’s Day approaches you may be wondering what you can give to your loved one. The question is what is better?

To buy something from the stores or to do something on your own? Maybe you think it is easier to buy something like teddy bear, chocolate or something else, but my opinion is that it is always better to do something unique that will surprise your loved one.

Here we will present one simple DIY project that would be a perfect gift for your loved one, for your friend or maybe you can use it as a decoration in your room or lounge.

This project is super easy to make and you will only need just a few things.


• Nails

• Hammer

• Hemp or wool (red or pink)

• Image of heart

• Piece of wood (you will need some color if you want to paint the piece of wood in different color)

If you want the piece of wood to be in different color first thing you will have to do is to paint the wood and then leave it to dry.

Next you will have to do is to find a picture of a heart (use the internet to find a perfect heart and then print it so you can position it on the wooden piece) or simply you can draw one on your own directly on the wooden board.

After you have the shape of the heart use the nails to make a line around the heart with approximately 2 cm distance from one nail to another.
Unique heart for Valentine’s Day

Unique heart for Valentine’s Day

When you are done with the shaping whit the nails, use the hemp or the wool to make the inside of the heart. Just hang the hemp/wool in between the nails. There is no rule, you just enjoy and have fun while you do this perfect gift

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day you all, love and be loved!