How to Reuse an Old Shirt

I don’t know about you, but men’s shirt always reminds me of love, happiness, passion and always comes with the same image on my mind – That scene when she prepares breakfast wearing his shirt, feeling the smell of her loved one… Oh boy what a romantic am I?

OK now it’s time to get back to reality. This is not the only way to use men’s shirt.

Maybe you can’t use the new ones, but if you have some old shirts, there are a few ways to make something new and put them in use again. With a little inspiration you can make something awesome and transform old shirts in something special or useful. Make a stylish pillowcase, a fashionable accessory, or a nice dress for the summer.

Here are some ideas you can use:

Make a baby bib for your little baby boy

How to Reuse an Old Shirt
Maybe you think that there aren’t many cute little accessories for baby boys. So let me just say – you are wrong. When you see this bib you’re going to need to make one or maybe a few of these because they are adorable. Also, rather than using them to cover up baby’s outfits, you are going to make the outfits more awesome. You can easily make this bibs on your own, just cut it from a button-up shirt and then add up a bit of scrap fabric for the bow tie to make it even more cute. On the back you can add a layer of absorbent terry cloth, to help up soak up the drool. And Voila!!! Now you have a very cute and functional bib that is so soft and comfy – Just perfect for your baby skin!

Make a light summer dress

How to Reuse an Old Shirt
It’s quite simple. You just have to cut the neck and shoulders off a men’s shirt and put an elastic on the top edge. Depending on how big your shirt is, you can create eider a top or a dress. At first you have to draw a line across the front of the shirt from shoulder and then cut along the line so you can cut the top of the shirt off. After this you will have to measure how much elastic you will need to use to do the wrapping around the shoulders. To create the gathered neckline, you must fold the top of your garment and then fold the top of your shirt towards the line and pin it in place. Sew along the bottom of the folded section to create a fabric loop leaving room between the start and finish. Take something wooden like chopsticks and attach it to the elastic. Thread it thought the loop until the elastic appears at the other end and then sew the elastic together. At the end you can cut or fold up your sleeves.


Make a pillowcase

How to Reuse an Old Shirt
This is another way of using old shirts. For starters, just lay your buttoned up shirt flat and smooth out any creases making sure the button band is centered. Then on the front shirt section measure out your desired width from underarm to underarm and also measure the same distance down the length of the shirt. Now cut this square out and then cut a square exactly the same size from the back shirt piece. Next, you have to place the two squares right sides together and pin, and then sew around all four sides using a 1 cm seam allowance. Snip the corners diagonally. When you are finished with this, you can open all the buttons on the button band and insert your cushion pad.

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