How to Make a Flying Balloon Without Helium

Don’t spend money on balloons with helium for your party. Make it at home. It’s very easy.

For this experiment you will need it:

– Aluminium foil

– A plastic bottle

– Water

– Sodium hydroxide

– Balloons

Step 1: Put a few small pieces of foil into the bottle.

Step 2: Then add water (about 200ml).

Step 3: Pour a little bit of sodium hydroxide into the bottle. (If you put too much sodium hydroxide, reaction can be very violent. So, make sure you add just a little bit.)

Step 4: And take the bottle outside.

Step 5: When you see bubbles in the bottle, put the balloon over the opening of the bottle. Balloon will now fill with hydrogen gas.

Step 6: When the balloon is full, remove it from the bottle. (Watch out because it may be hot!)

Step 7: Tie the balloon.

THAT’S IT. Now you have flying balloons.


– Sodium hydroxide is strong base and can burn skin and eyes easily.

– Make sure you do this experiment outside and always wear gloves.

– If the reactions become violent, move away and let it finish.

– Hydrogen is highly flammable gas and it makes explosive mixture with air. Even static electricity can ignite it.

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