DIY: How to Make Your Cat a Fabulous Bed From a Cardboard Box

Like many people with cats, I know to save the box any time I get a new pair of shoes or a package from Amazon.

My cats don’t seem to care what the box looks like, but I find cardboard boxes clash with my home decor, so I typically recycle them after a few days.

I created this do-it-yourself project to take a typical cardboard box to the next level in terms of attractiveness as well as convenience and comfort for your cat.
– Pair of scissors
– Cardboard box
– Leftover wrapping or tissue paper
– Glue stick
– Other craft items as desired

1. Make your base.

Cut the flaps off the top of the box. Create an entrance for your cat to easily enter the box by cutting away at the side of the box, leaving the lowest point at least 3 inches tall.
cat box 1
2. Decorate the box.

I had 2 types of leftover tissue paper in my apartment. I didn’t have enough of either to cover the entire box, so I used both types.

I also found some stick-on letters that have been hanging out in my craft box for years, so I decided to use them too. I added my cat’s name to the box after I finished gluing the tissue paper down.
cat box 2
3. Add the bedding.

I opted to use an inexpensive blanket that my cats like to sit on. This is a good option for a project like this because you can wash or switch out the blanket easily.

Tuck the corners after folding the blanket for a clean, cozy look.
cat box 3
4. Make sure your cat approves.

The moment of truth: Will your cat actually use the box now that it has been beautified? Sarabi says, “Yes!”
cat box 4

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