DIY Herb Soap

Today you can find a lot of different soaps in the stores. Sometimes you don’t even know what to choose and take.

But what if I tell you that you can also make a soap on your own? Interesting idea don’t you think? So rather than you go out and buy some expensive soap, here you can find the instructions that you can use to make herb soap on your own.

This is primarily a project for children, who can make a creative herb soap with a little help of the parents that can everyone use.

• Glycerin soap
• Fresh herbs (basil, mint, orange, lemon)
• Microwave or stove
• Measuring jug
• Plastic spoon or wooden spatula
• Oil or spray to lubricate the container
• Empty cups of yogurt or molds

To make your own soap, first you have to cut the glycerin soap into a small pieces or blocks and then put them in a glass container.

After you do this, put the container into the microwave or use the stove to melt the pieces of the soap. Stir all the time to break up the big pieces.

Cut the herbs into a small piece also and then add them in to the soap. You can add some peel or an orange, and of course you can squeeze some of the juice into the container.

This will add an amazing scent to the herb soap. Before you add the melted soap in to the empty cups of yogurt, spray them with oil, so that you can easily remove the soap after is done.

Now pour the soap with the pieces of herbs into the cups and let them sit for about an hour to set and then put it in the freezer for another hour or so.

You can also give this soap as a gift for your close friends, just put it in a gift bag or tie a bow.