DIY A Garden Stool Made From Old Tire

There are a few months before the summer and the time when we can enjoy in the sunny days. I guess you can’t wait for those days when you can sit with the coffee cup in the hand enjoying the sun and the view at the garden while you are hanging with your friends.

But if you are а big company I suppose you are always short for a few seats, so you must take some chairs from the house. After you read this you will not have to move the chairs in and out of the house. You can make this dazzling stools from rope that are perfect for any garden, more comfortable for sitting and in the same time they will increase the number of seats in your own garden. Also the best thing about these stools is their appearance and design that will fit perfectly into the natural environment and greens.
To create this kind stool from rope you will need these materials:

• old tires (it you don’t have tires at your home, go to some mechanic that changes tires and buy from him some used car tire)

• natural rope (select thicker)

• glue gun

The first thing you will have to do is to prepare the old tire. Take the tire, wash it and remove the dirt from it. Then tie the rope across the tire in order to save the form of the tire because after seating on it the tire could be twisted.
When you provide the strength, take the rope and bind it around the tire, taking care not to leave any empty space through which the tire can be seen. It is important to wind the rope that good with the hot glue gun so the rope is hooked on the tire, because in the case that somewhere remain loose, it could hang down and the stool would be ugly.

Make sure that all the rope on the tire is firm and then leave it for about 24 hours so the glue can completely dry. That’s it. Your stool is ready for use.
Tip: You can also put some cushions on it to sit even more comfortable.

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DIY A Garden Stool Made From Old Tire