DIY Baby Shower Diaper Cake

The birth of a child is always a happy moment for every member of the family and for the close friends. To make the new parents even more happier make them an interesting gift that they would love and also that can be used in the first days of the birth of the baby. In the last year very popular gift is the cake made from diapers.

These diaper cakes are certainly often noticed in the florists and gift shops and are also too interesting, unusual and a great gift for a newborn baby. Usually they are given as a gift for a baby shower.

The cake of diapers of course contains a lot of diapers that are decorated with a decorative band on several floors, but you can also add some towels, milk bottles, pacifiers and toys to make the cake even more beautiful.

When you see how easy and simple is to make a diaper cake you would definitely try to make one for the next occasion.


• For the tripod, etc. (roll of a hand towel wipes, bottle of wine or a large baby bottle of milk)
• Thick cardboard
• Pen and scissors
• 64 diapers (for a cake of three floors as you see the pictures)
• 64 little rubber bands (for 64 diapers)
• 3 major bands or cord binding
• Decorative ribbon with a thickness of about 5 cm
• Towels, pacifiers, bottles for milk, baby toys, soft toys, decorative ornaments etc. (this is optional if you want the diaper cake to look richer)


Take each diaper and fold it into a roll and then loop it with the rubber band. When you bend the diapers start from the bottom to the up of that self-adhesive part. If you add some small towels or baby clothes on the third floor of the cake bend them in a roll just like the diapers (just make sure they are in similar size with the diapers).

To start with the making of the first floor of the diaper cake set the roll of hand wipe towels vertically on the desk. Arrange the prepared diapers in the circle around the roll. Then arrange another round of diapers, then another round to get three layers of diapers on the first floor of the cake. In this case you will spend about 36 diapers. Attach all the diapers with a larger rubber band or tie them with string so they can’t move.
Make an interesting diaper cake for baby shower
Now, put the first floor of the cake on a thick cardboard and draw a circle with the pen with the size of the first floor of the cake. Cut the cardboard with the scissors at the marked circle. This will be the stand of your diaper cake that will help you much easier to transport and carry the gift. It is not recommended to glue the diapers on the cardboard, because the whole point of this cake is to be useful for the newborn.
Make an interesting diaper cake for baby shower
For the middle floor which will be smaller than the first, you will need about 18 diapers that are arranged in two rows. Just like the first floor, attach the diapers with a larger rubber band or tie them with string.
You can make the third floor with small towels or you can continue with the diapers. If you make the entire cake with diapers, for the last (third) floor of the cake you will need about 10 diapers that will be arranged in one row. Finally, again, attach them with a larger rubber band or tie them with a bow.

Make an interesting diaper cake for baby shower
Now comes the fun part: decorating the cake of diapers…

Here you can play with your fantasy and add a variety of toys, pacifiers, bottles and other toys and decorations. Tie a decorative ribbon in the color of your choice depending on the sex of the baby and tie it around each of the floors. With the ribbon you will cover the rubber bands from the diapers so they can’t be seen.

At the last floor of the cake you can add some soft teddy toy as a perfect ending for this diaper cake. I think that any parent would be glad of such an interesting, unique and above all useful gift. Don’t you think that?
Make an interesting diaper cake for baby shower